Homeopathy Simply Explained

This is a group for anyone who is interested in a natural approach to their health and well-being even if you have little or no prior knowledge of homeopathy.

Arnica is one of our well known remedies that many people have heard of but we have thousands of other remedies for various other conditions that work equally well.

Would you like to learn some common remedies useful for everyday complaints?  For example, what remedy to take for colds and flu of after an insect bite or a fall?

Organised by Gillian Craven and Edel Bolger O’Hora, practising homeopaths registered with the Irish Society of Homeopaths

Our Meetup group is going online from April 2021 and we will host weekly evenings with different topics for discussion.

For further information please like our Facebook page Homeopathy Simply Explained and send us a message or email gillianhomeopath@gmail.com