Homeopathy for period pain other menstrual problems

Heavy and painful periods, pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) and irregular bleeding are complaints I see on a regular basis. Homeopathy can help ease the pain, restore the natural menstrual cycle and balance extreme emotions. Remedies will vary from woman to woman as we all experience different symptoms. 

Tissue salts  are a great option for self help if your periods are regular and symptoms mild.  Tissue salts are minerals used in homeopathic medicine and  can be bought at some health stores and homeopathic dispensaries.

Mag. Phos. is an amazing remedy for relieving the cramping pains of menstruation that precede the flow.  

Ferrum Phos. and Silica are important in treating menstrual flow problems.

Natrum Mur. may help lessen a profuse flow.

If your menstrual symptoms are long standing, debilitating and unbearable you may need a homeopathic remedy based on your own individual symptoms.

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