Natrum Muriaticum is a homeopathic remedy derived from Sodium Chloride, Common Rock Salt ‘as thought a thousand little hammers were knocking in the brain’


Do you suffer from throbbing pain, nausea and vomiting?
Is your sleep disturbed by headaches?
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Homeopathy is very effective in treating migraine, cluster and other chronic headaches and will often help initially by reducing the frequency and intensity of the attacks.   The causes and symptoms of headaches vary from one person to another and so will the final choice of homeopathic remedy.  During consultation we would look at causation, location of pain, type of pain, what makes it better or worse, worse times of day or night, concomitant symptoms  and any other triggers that would be individual to you.  As always in homeopathy the mental, emotional and physical symptoms are all of equal importance in healing.   Natural remedies are gentle, non-toxic with no side effects.

“I first came to Gillian suffering from chronic migraine for a long time. I used to get daily attacks and had tried various medicines without success.  After my first homeopathic remedy the migraine attacks reduced dramatically to three or four a week. After my second consultation the pain went completely but came back after a month but not so bad.  At my third consultation, Gillian prescribed a different remedy and I have never had a migraine since. I was truly amazed and so happy to experience such a quick recovery, I’m delighted to be off painkillers.   I would highly recommend Gillian as a homeopath. She has great experience, extensive knowledge and is a very nice person. Gillian thank you very much for your help.” J.B.

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