Rose Quartz is a beautiful gemstone remedy for healing those who struggle with love and being loved ‘re-balancing the heart and helps us feel calm. peace and joy’


Have you suffered a past/recent loss and need some support?
Are you depressed and finding it hard to cope?
Do you suffer from anxiety, palpitations or panic attacks?
Is your irritability or anger out of control?
Would you like to have more energy and vitality?

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Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman.

Many women who come to me say they are ‘stressed’ and we look into the causes of their stress and how it affects their daily life.  Stress whether it be from anxiety, worry, work problems or home problems can also affect your physical health.  Homeopathic remedies will help you balance your stress levels. 

Anxiety, panic attacks and heart palpitations can be greatly helped with homeopathy.  The root cause is taken into account along with what are the situations that makes it worse,  is there restlessness or nervousness, what are your unique symptoms.   These are some of the details a homeopath would ask in order to find you the correct remedy.

Grief is not only the loss of a loved one or friend, we can also suffer grief from a broken relationship or sad event in your life.  Sometimes grief will run it’s own course and you will heal yourself over time.  There are other times when grief gets stuck and it takes over your thoughts and life. This is the time when homeopathy is here to support you.

We all have our ‘down’ times when everything seems to go wrong and we just want to stay in bed.  This can go on to chronic depression with many other symptoms such as anxiety about your health, low self esteem/worthlessness, changeable moods and even suicidal thoughts.  Remedies are natural and non-addictive with no side effects and can help with all the symptoms of depression.  You do not need to stop conventional medication when starting on homeopathic remedies. 

I see so many people with insomnia and everyone has different symptoms.  From nightmares to worries and over thinking, it can be difficult to sleep well.  Homeopathy takes into account your whole pattern of sleep; what time do you go the bed and do you sleep immediately, do you waken during the night, what time and what would weaken you, do you find it difficult to get back to sleep and do you feel unrefreshed in the morning when you waken.  We have nearly 1000 remedies for insomnia so it is important to narrow down symptoms to get to the right remedy for you.

Due to busy lives, there are times when it all gets a bit much and you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do.  This can lead to irritability with your family, you shout at the kids and immediately feel guilty, you shout at your partner for not pulling his weight in the house and with the kids, you feel better after exercise so you go for a run.  These are typical symptoms when a women is overwhelmed and a homeopathic remedy will soon balance your emotions and help you get your life back on track. 

I once had a lady who came to me with headaches and when she returned for her follow up, her headaches were gone and she told me that she no longer had a fear of mice.  She had not mentioned this at her previous consultation but it so happened that the remedy I gave her for her headaches also had a fear of mice.  That’s what I love about homeopathy.

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